Christmas at the Inn (outside)


It’s our first holiday season at the Inn and we have had such a  fun time decorating.  Some decorations were left in the basement; we had several bins of stuff; and my friend’s lovely parents donated a TON of decorations to us as they are downsizing.  Without their additional items, I would have been out on a buying spree!

We have never really decorated the exterior of our house before, so being up on the roof to hang wreaths was a first.  Untangling boxes and bags of garlands and strings of lights was also a fun way to spend a windy afternoon.  However, we think that the outcome is pretty spectacular.

Inn_outside_day house_leftangle_xmaslightsbwr_wreaths_House_sidepatio_xmaslightsfront_door_coloroutside_wreath_lights

And much to Will’s chagrin and my absolute delight, I put up the wooden reindeer, complete with tartan scarfs.  I put them in the back yard, at least, so you can’t see them from the road.  We were trying to keep the front yard classy.  Every time I see them. I giggle.

reindeer_scarf_day reindeer_greentree shadowed_deer_green_lights









We added more candles in the windows, to make it different from the rest of the year, and Will wrapped every lamp post in lights.  By the end of the afternoon, even he–usually pretty grumpy when it comes to decorating– was totally into it and loving how the Inn looked.  We have gotten a few calls from neighbors about how lovely it looks, so we are pretty pleased with our first efforts of outdoor decorating.  Will is even thinking about next holiday and how we can improve what we have out this year!


bwr_houseside_2  dscf5440bwr_frontdoor  bwr_wreaths_House_side

I will say that I do really love our digital camera.  One of the fun features it has is to highlighting a single color while making the rest of the photo black and white.  Focusing on the red ribbons on the wreaths and in the garland, it makes for quite dramatic photos.   And of course, no post would be complete without our obligatory photo of Stirling:

The obligatory Stirling photo


blurred_house_xmas_lights  cornerbush_lighted  house_rightangle_xmas_lightshouse_path_rightangle_xmaslights

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    Beautifully lit for the Christmas holiday koodo’s to the owners

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