Sarah Emma Edmonds Suite

The Edmonds Suite pays tribute to Sarah Emma Edmonds, a Canadian-born Unionist who served as a nurse, soldier, and spy for the Union Army.  Having come to the U.S. to work, Sarah disguised herself as “Franklin Thompson,” and worked as a bookseller in Connecticut.  Wanting to help the Union, Edmonds enlisted for three years as “Frank” in the 2nd Michigan Infantry.

She fought at the Battle of First Manassas, and as the Union retreated, worked as a hospital attendant.  During the Battle at Antietam, Sarah disguised as Frank worked as a nurse.  She took up spying during the Siege of Yorktown (August 1862), but contracting malaria in Kentucky in the spring of 1863, ended her career as she needed medical attention so “Frank” deserted the army rather than being discovered. Once recovered, Sarah continued to help the Union cause, though, working as an army nurse. 

Once the Civil War ended, Sarah took on the fight to receive an army pension, receiving one after eight years of fighting as well as an honorable discharge. If you reserve this suite, you can read her autobiography, as well as other historical works on Union and Confederate women who supported the war effort in various ways.

The suite is the largest at the Inn, with the layout of two adjoining rooms and a private bathroom.  In the front room, you are welcomed by a king bed, a lovely Victorian settee, dresser, and a desk.  The second room has four-poster queen bed, antique wash basin dresser, and chair.   The bathroom, which features a traditional tub & shower, is accessed from the second room.

    • King bed in the front room
    • Desk in front room
    • Sitting area in front room
    • Queen four-poster bed in second, adjoining room
    • Private, en suite tub and shower
    • Dogs allowed
  • Extra guest fee applies for use of the second bed with additional guests

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