The Battlefield at Antietam

The Antietam National Battlefield and National Cemetery surround the Inn and honor those who fought here on September 17, 1862 in what became the bloodiest single-day battle ever fought by the U.S.  The first major battle to be fought on Union soil, Major General George McClellan narrowly defeated General Robert E. Lee’s pressing Army of Northern Virginia. This “victory” had a very steep price to pay: more than 22,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing at the day’s end. Towns near the lines of fire were turned into army hospitals over night. It did, however, give President Abraham Lincoln enough confidence to then issue his Emancipation Proclamation.  

The entrance to the Antietam National Park is located about 1000 meters from the Inn.  We can also arrange for you to meet a private guide who can customize your trip around the battlefield, or even for Shepherdstown or Harpers Ferry.

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